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ESP8266MOD Datasheet - Wi-Fi Module - Espressif. Posted on March 22, 2017. September 16, 2019. by Pinout. Part Number : ESP8266MOD, ESP8266. Function : Wi-Fi Module. Manufacturers : Espressif Inc. Description. ESP8266MOD integrates antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive ESP8266MOD Datasheet, ESP8266MOD PDF. Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. ESP8266MOD data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. General Purpose Input/Output Interface (GPIO), ESP8266 datasheet, ESP8266 circuit, ESP8266 data sheet : ESPRESSIF, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors Datasheet: Ai-Thinker ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD) EasyEDA Libraries EasyEDA Model. Description: WIFI Module WIFI Modules RoHS. Recommended For You. ACS712ELCTR-20A-T Allegro MicroSystems, LLC US$1.6046. CH340G WCH(Jiangsu Qin Heng) US$0.361. RT9193-33GB Richtek Tech US$0.0806. H1102NLT Pulse Elec US$1.0175. MT41K128M16JT-125:k Micron Tech US$4.1197. Specifications. 0 products found. Show Similar.

ESP8266MOD Datasheet - Wi-Fi Module - Espressi

The ESP8266 supports APSD for VoIP applications and Bluetooth co-existance interfaces, it contains a self-calibrated RF allowing it to work under all operating conditions, and requires no external RF parts. There is an almost limitless fountain of information available for the ESP8266, all of which has been provided by amazing community support Program/Flash the ESP8266MOD ESP-12 Module Using the Witty Board and Arduino IDE: This Instructable will guide you through the process of wiring, configuring and flashing an ESP8266MOD also known as ESP-12 module using the Witty Board.I have tried various paradigms to flash the ESP8266MOD modules and I do not have a stable solut ESP8266MOD module : ESP8266 module ESP8266MOD wifi module esp-12e esp-12f. Package: module. Mfr. Part#: ESP8266 module. Mfr.: Chinese made. Datasheet: (e-mail or chat us for PDF file) ROHS Status: Quality: 100% Original. Warranty: 180 days . Why choosing us. Located in Shenzhen, the electronic market center of China. 100% guarantee components quality: Genuine Original. Sufficient stock on your. I2S Interface. ESP8266EX has one I2S data input interface and one I2S data output interface, and supports the linked list DMA. I2S interfaces are mainly used in applications such as data collection, processing, and transmission of audio data, as well as the input and output of serial data

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  1. ESP8266 datasheet, ESP8266 datasheets, ESP8266 pdf, ESP8266 circuit : ESPRESSIF - General Purpose Input/Output Interface (GPIO) ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors
  2. ESP8266 Datasheet 1.4. Ultra Low Power Technology ESP8266EX has been designed for mobile, wearable electronics and Internet of Things applications with the aim of achieving the lowest power consumption with a combination of several proprietary techniques. The power saving architecture operates mainly in 3 modes: active mode, sleep mod
  3. ESP8266 Arduino Core Documentation, Release 2.4.0 Digital pins 6—11 are not shown on this diagram because they are used to connect flash memory chip on most modules
  4. ESP8266EX is embedded with Tensilica L106 32-bit micro controller (MCU), which features extra low power consumption and 16-bit RSIC. The CPU clock speed is 80MHz. It can also reach a maximum value of 160MHz
  5. The NodeMCU ESP8266 development board comes with the ESP-12E module containing ESP8266 chip having Tensilica Xtensa 32-bit LX106 RISC microprocessor. This microprocessor supports RTOS and operates at 80MHz to 160 MHz adjustable clock frequency. NodeMCU has 128 KB RAM and 4MB of Flash memory to store data and programs
  6. View ESP8266 Datasheet from SparkFun Electronics at Digikey. Co-Browse. By using the Co-Browse feature, you are agreeing to allow a support representative from Digi-Key to view your browser remotely

Avec un ESP8266 intégré dans un NodeMCU, faire un serveur web avec socket depuis l'interface Arduino. Démonstration pas à pas Component Datasheet. ESP8266 Datasheet. Tags. IoT. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! Subscribe to stay updated with industry's latest Electronics components and news * indicates required. Email Address * Name . STM32F2 Series High-Performance Microcontrollers. STM32F2 MCUs use advanced 90 nm NVM process technology with an adaptive real-time memory accelerator . STM32F4 Series High-Performance. Thus, we'll learn the correct pin identification by doing the following: looking at the NodeMCU datasheet, knowing which of these pins work with digitalWrite, digitalRead, analogWrite, and analogRead, and understanding the boot more thoroughly. ESP8266 12e Pinout: Introduction: As I program more with Arduino IDE, I practically see the NodeMCU as an Arduino. However, I must emphasize these.

ESP8266 is high integration wireless SOCs, designed for space and power constrained mobile platform It provides unsurpassed ability to embed Wi application, with the lowest cost, and minimal space requirement. Figure 1 ESP8266EX Block Diagra 4 | P a g e Espressif Systems Oct 12, 2013 ESP8266 802.11bgn Smart Device 1 Introduction Espressif Systems' Smart Connectivity Platform (ESCP) of high performance wireless SOCs, fo This datasheet describes all the pins but also the PIN Mode. Modes are: UART (for programming): GPIO0 - low, GPIO2 - high, GPIO15 - low; Flasg boot (for running the flashed software): GPIO0 - high, GPIO2 - high, GPIO15 - low. Another PIN not to forget is EN (also named CH_PD on other devices). This need to be pulled high in order the device to work. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step.

(ESP-12F datasheet) ESP8266 Module Series. ESP-12F: Common ESP8266 module version: ESP-12S: Optimized from esp-12f, better antenna singal: ESP-07S: Pin compatible with esp-12, IPEX connector to get greater signal: ESP-01S: General DIP PTH version, less pin lead out, easy to use: ESP-01M: Vertical stand on your PCBsave space and better signal : WROOM-02: Most certificated, best design by. The NodeMCU (Node MicroController Unit) is an open-source software and hardware development environment built around an inexpensive System-on-a-Chip (SoC) called the ESP8266.The ESP8266, designed and manufactured by Espressif Systems, contains the crucial elements of a computer: CPU, RAM, networking (WiFi), and even a modern operating system and SDK


Ce module miniature WiFi de SeeedStudio est intéressant pour les amateurs et les étudiants expérimentés qui souhaitent effectuer des expérimentations avec le chipset WiFi ESP8266. Ce chipset est détaillé et expérimenté sur le forum dédié El ESP8266 emplea una CPU RISC de 32 bits basada en la Tensilica Xtensa L106 que funciona a 80 MHz (o con overclocking a 160 MHz). Tiene una ROM de arranque de 64 KB, 64 KB de RAM de instrucciones y 96 KB de RAM de datos. Se puede acceder a la memoria flash externa a través de SPI For details information, have a look at the ESP866 Datasheet. There are 2 models of ESP8266. old and new. Blue is old and black is a new one. Features or basics of ESP8266. Microcontroller: Tensilica Xtensa L106 32 bit; Clock frequency: 80 MHz; Instruction RAM: 64 KiB; Data RAM: 96 KiB; Flash Memory: 512 KiB (extends up to 16 MiB) Wi-Fi Protocols: 802.11 b/g/n/e/i; Operating Voltage: 2.5V ~ 3. Datasheet. ESP8266 - Datasheet. ESP8266 Modules. A lot of ESP8266 modules are available in the market made by Espressif and 3ed party manufactures like AI-Thinker etc. Espressif Module. Name GPIO ADC UART SPI I 2 C LEDs Antenna Dimensions Shielded Pitch; ESP-WROOM-02: 11: 1: 2x TX, 1x RX: Yes: Yes: No: PCB Trace: 18x20mm : Yes: 2.54mm: Note : In the above table GPIO pins are including UART.

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NodeMCU Documentation¶. NodeMCU is an open source Lua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif and uses an on-module flash-based SPIFFS file system. NodeMCU is implemented in C and is layered on the Espressif NON-OS SDK.. The firmware was initially developed as is a companion project to the popular ESP8266-based NodeMCU development modules, but the project is now community. Buy ESP8266MOD AI-THINKER , Learn more about ESP8266MOD Wi-Fi Module, View the manufacturer, and stock, and datasheet pdf for the ESP8266MOD at Jotrin Electronics D7 GPIO1 TX 2- TXO Chip Enable 4- CHPD Reset 6- RST 3.3V 8- 3V GND 1- GND D2/SDA GPIO2 3- GPIO2 D0 GPIO0 5- GPIO0 D8 GPIO3 RX 7- RXI enna AT Command List AT - Attention AT+RST - Reset the board AT+GMR - Firmware versio

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ESP8285 Datasheet; Now, if you're looking for something a bit more capable, check out ESP32 — it has more memory, more GPIO, hardware encryption, Bluetooth, and all sorts of other additional bells and whistles. The Modules. Vendors have consequently created a multitude of compact printed circuit board modules based around the ESP8266 chip. Some of these modules have specific identifiers. ESP-F WiFi Module User Manual details for FCC ID 2AL3B-ESP-F made by ShenZhen Doctors of Intelligence & Technology Ltd.. Document Includes User Manual UserManualForESP-F_doit(V1.1) Underneath the shield there is a 20-pin QFPN chip with the marking 'S033', which according to the STM8S003 datasheet is the proper device marking. WT8266-S1 By Wireless-Tag. CE of WT8266-S1 . FCC of WT8266-S1 . Modules Family. Modules shown here together with an external aerial, a large, cheap and poor quality development board together with a small, expensive and high quality development. Découvrez comment programmer le module Wi-Fi ESP8266 avec l'IDE Arduino pour en faire un micro-controlleur connecté totalement autonome ! À vous le monde des objets connectés : NodeMcu -- a firmware based on ESP8266 wifi-soc

Description. ESP8266 NodeMcu is a popular and widely used development board based on the ESP-12E WiFi Module that combines elements of easy programming with Arduino IDE (C\C++) and WiFi capability ESP8266 Operating Modes. One of the greatest features ESP8266 provides is that it cannot only connect to an existing WiFi network and act as a Web Server, but it can also set up a network of its own, allowing other devices to connect directly to it and access web pages 4 min read. The WeMos D1 is a ESP8266 WiFi based board that uses the Arduino layout with a operating voltage of 3.3V. As the documentation of this board online can be a little confusing, the purpose of this tutorial is to combine and simplify the steps needed to setup this board for development The ESP8266MOD is a very popular Wi-Fi module manufactured by AI-Thinker using the ESP8266EX developed by Espressif Systems. The microcontroller in the ESP8266EX chip is a 32bit Tensilica Xtensa LX106 that runs with a clock-speed of 80MHz. The module has gained a tremendous amount of support from hobbyists that are interested in the Internet Of Things (IOT). In October of 2014 Espressif.

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  1. A tutorial by Arduino User Group Gujarat for getting started with the NodeMCU (ESP8266) on Arduino IDE. By Bassy and Patel Darshil
  2. ESP8266EX datasheet; How to update firmware; More ESP8266EX-related documents are available here: official espressif web-site and here: official espressif forum; HARDWARE. Board's schematic, latest revision (PDF) Hardware sources (CadSoft EAGLE) Resources; SOFTWARE. Arduino client example; Arduino server example ; ESP8266 flash downloader for Windows; Olimex Github ESP8266 resources; ESP8266.
  3. Description. Hackers were pretty excited when this chipset first came out from Espressif, as it had a great feature set for very little money, and much effort has been put into supporting it, including plug-ins for the Arduino development system

Description. Lolin NodeMCU V3 is an open source IoT platform.It uses the Lua scripting language. The eLua project is the basis of board, and built on the ESP8266 SDK 1.4. NodeMCU uses many open source projects, such as lua-cjson, and spiffs Buy the best and latest esp8266 doit.am on banggood.com offer the quality esp8266 doit.am on sale with worldwide free shipping The WeMos D1 Mini is an inexpensive ESP8266-based WiFi board that is low-profile but just as powerful as any NodeMCU or ESP8266-based microcontroller. The D1 Mini is incredibly versatile because it is inexpensive, WiFi-enabled, and fully compatible with the Arduino platform. In this tutorial, the E ESP8266 AT Command Set Function AT Command Response Working AT OK Restart AT+RST OK [System Ready, Vendor:www.ai-thinker.com] Firmware version AT+GMR AT+GMR 0018000902 O

ESP8266 WiFi Module. Note: This page contains information on using an ESP8266 module with an Espruino board. If you want to run the Espruino Firmware directly on an ESP8266 board, see this page instead. Do you want a board that already has WiFi? Check out Espruino WiFi - it has an ESP8266, plus a separate processor for Espruino with loads of RAM and CPU power How to connect and use the low cost ESP8266 WiFi module with the Arduino environment.How to connect with a Youtube API to retrieve channel statistics, using. R D R D DE RE Y Z B A GND V CC R D R D Y Z B A V CC GND V CC SN65HVD70, SN65HVD73, and SN65HVD76 SN65HVD71, SN65HVD74, and SN65HVD77 Product Folder Order Now Technical Documents Tools & Ce tutorial va vous permettre de programmer le module Wifi ESP8266 avec le célèbre logiciel Arduino. Ceci vous permettra de réaliser des robots ou objets connecté avec ce module comme contrôleur principal. Ce tutoriel utilise : Une carte Esp8266 ESP-12e L'IDE Arduino version 1.6.8 Carte ESP8266 -ESP-E12e C'est quoi l'ESP8266 ? L'ESP8266 est un microcontrôleur Robo India presents tutorial on how to install NodeMCU Amica, ESP8266 wifi module based development board. 1. Introduction: NodeMCU Amica is a ESP8266 Wifi Modul

Search any Datasheet on the go. ALLDATASHEET.com: Follow us on Instagram @elexfocus. We bring you the tutorials, projects based on Electronics, Embedded Systems and IOT. Contact us: elexfocus@gmail.com. EVEN MORE NEWS. Interview Questions List for Embedded Software/Firmware Engineer and Electrical. February 22, 2020 . Interprocess Communication - Shared Memory with Linux in C. June 21, 2019. SN65HVD7x 3.3-V Supply RS-485 With IEC ESD protection device,

• Your support helps me post videos more frequently: https://www.patreon.com/acrobotic https://www.paypal.me/acrobotic https://buymeacoff.ee/acrobotic BTC: 1.. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Date/Time Dimensions User Comment; current: 03:45, 16 January 2016 (579 KB) Zmatt (Talk | contribs): Stripped off the annoying banner across each page I think it's actually ESP8266MOD. Ends in D, not O. flagtrax. Full Member; Posts: 150; Karma: 8 ; Re: ESP8266 from AI Thinker - Details ?? #2 Feb 13, 2017, 03:51 am. The modules come with differing sizes depending on the model and vendor that built it. The esp01 for example has 512KB flash as does the esp-07. The esp-12e has 4MB That being said, that doesn't mean all that is available for. This project explains how to update ESP8266 firmware to support AT commands of AI-Thinker vendor

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Introduction¶. The Wi-Fi library for ESP8266 has been developed based on ESP8266 SDK, using the naming conventions and overall functionality philosophy of the Arduino WiFi library.Over time, the wealth of Wi-Fi features ported from ESP8266 SDK to esp8266 / Arduino outgrew Arduino WiFi library and it became apparent that we would need to provide separate documentation on what is new and extra Learn about ESP8266 NodeMCU development board along with its Specifications, Datasheet, Pinout, Installing ESP8266 Arduino Core, Arduino Code Example. Tutorials. Basic Electronics; Arduino; ESP32; ESP8266; Getting Started. ESP8266 with Arduino IDE Simple ESP8266 Web Server. Projects. ESP8266 with DHT11 DHT22 ESP8266 with OLED Display ESP8266 OTA Updates ESP8266 with Multiple DS18B20s ESP8266. ESP8266MOD PDF >> DOWNLOAD ESP8266MOD PDF >> READ ONLINE esp8266ex pinout esp8266mod pinout nodemcu book :pdf esp8266 esp-12e datasheet pdf esp8266mod arduino esp8266mod model vendoresp8266mod programming nodemcu esp8266mod datasheet Update document cover;. • Added a note for Table 1-1;. • Updated Wi-Fi key features in Section 1.1.

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Shenzhen HiLetgo Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: +86-0755-36625387 Fax: +86-0755-36625387. Mobile: +86-13066806553 WhatsAPP: +86-1306680655 Could not find any datasheets for it (or I've looked at the wrong places). Reply. Meme says: 4th November, 2016 at 21:48. It should be the flash chip. Reply. cc young says: 5th November, 2016 at 6:47. This looks really good. Narrow footprint and comes with headers. I hope somebody tests this guy soon! Only problem is shipping - great if you're buying several of one item, but for several.

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La Wemos D1 Mini est une carte de développement pour objets connectés basée sur le module ESP8266 ESP-12E développée par la société du Wemos CC.. Vous pouvez vous la procurer entre 2,90€ et 5€ sur aliexpress ou Banggood.Comme pour toutes les cartes Arduino, vous trouverez également de nombreux clones qui fonctionne parfaitement Arrivé à l'été 2014, l'ESP8266 est un microcontrôleur produit par la société chinoise Espressif intégrant un module Wifi. Avec un prix avoisinant les 2€, . The provided headers make it easy to stack the board with several shields if you wish too. For example I connect Wemos D1 mini to both the relay shield, and DHT Pro shield after soldering some of the headers

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「FindIC.tw」全球電子元件搜尋引擎為您找到ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD) datasheet PDF, Ai-Thinker ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD)價格,替代料號以及ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD)經銷商報價等,ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD)電子元件購買就上FindIC.t Datasheet: ESP8266EX: FURTHER READING. Martyn Currey has an excellent series of articles related to using wireless communications, especially with Arduino. This is a link to a series of his articles related to the ESP8266. You may also like Header Female 1×15 Gold (2-Pack) Useful for socketing Nano, ESP8266 and similar 30-pin MCU modules $ 0.75. Add to cart MORE INFO. USB 2.0 Type-A to. This post shows a quick guide to program ESP8266 Wi-Fi module (ESP-01) with Arduino UNO board and how to use Arduino IDE software with this module

For most of the projects I am building with the ESP8266 WiFi chip, I usually don't care too much about the power consumption aspect. I for example build data loggers that are constantly connected to the mains electricity, and appliances controller which also have an easy access to power We ship free of charge between branches to complete your order. R109.00 (Inc Tax: R125.35

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CP2102/9 Rev. 1.8 7 Table3.Recommended Operating Conditions VDD = 3.0 to 3.6 V, -40 to +85 °C unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Test Condition Min Typ Max Unit Supply Voltage VDD 3.0 3.3 3.6 V Supply Current - USB Pull-up1 IPU —200 230 µA Specified Operating Temperatur Datasheet Version 1.3 See Last Page LM820 WiFi 802.11 b/g/n Operates in 2.4 GHz Frequency bands Onboard Chip Antenna Plug and Play (Linux, macOS X, Windows XP - 10 and Windows Compact Embedded 6/7 compatible) Up to 150Mbps Data Transfer Rate 802.11e-compatible bursting and I standards BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM and 64 QAM modulation schemes WEP, TKIP, and AES, WPA and WPA2 encryption schemes Fully. ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD) are available at X-ON Electronics Components. X-ON offers better pricing, availability and various range of ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD) Click to visit our website and search from the range of more than 3 million products and over 3000 manufacturers readily available to order from our website at discounted rates. We ship globally. LIVE CHAT. Change Currency AUD. Categories . Circuit. ESP8266MOD-12F Wifi module, AT Commands. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 651 times 0. I am trying to use ESP8266 and it's my first time to use WIFI module, I have some question, How can I translate the AT Command response?, Can I just use it out-of-box or Do I have to update it's SDK? if No, I have to update it,then How can I update it through my. DOIT professional manufacturers in ESP8266, ESP32, and ESP8285 development, together with the tank car chassis, robotics, humanoid, and other robotic accessory. Welcome to VVDOIT Online Shop

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ktduino esp8266mod wifi無線傳輸模組,esp8266mod晶片,wifi無線傳輸模 { packages: [ { name: esp8266, maintainer: ESP8266 Community, websiteURL: https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino, email: ivan@esp8266.com, help.

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ESP8266 module is of low cost and comes pre-programmed with an AT command set firmware, meaning, you can simply hook this up to your Arduino device and get about as much WiFi-ability as a WiFi Shield offers.This module has a powerful on-board processing and storage capability that allows it to be integrated with the sensors and other application through its GPIOs ESP8266MOD WiFi Module. $2.20 . Add to Cart. ESP-32S WiFi Bluetooth All in One Module. $7.45 . Add to Cart. ESP-07S WiFi Module. $4.50 . Add to Cart. ESP32 Bluetooth + WiFi Development Board for Arduino. $20.95 . Add to Cart. Tags: ESP8266, NodeMCU,. Welcome to ESP8266 Arduino Core's documentation!¶ Contents: Installing. Boards Manager; Using git version; Using PlatformIO; Referenc

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In some datasheets you find the declaration that the sensor also works for 3.3V microcontrollers but in the sub chapter Influence of the Power Supply on the Analog Sensor Value, you see that I got invalid sensor values. If you want to buy a soil moisture sensor, make sure that you buy a capacitive one. Resistive Soil Moisture Sensor. The resistive soil moisture sensor consists of 2 probes with. Vamos, então, aprender a identificação correta dos pinos olhando o datasheet do NodeMCU, conhecer quais destes pinos funcionam com digitalWrite, digitalRead, analogWrite e analogRead, além de entender melhor o boot. Como programo mais com Arduino IDE, praticamente enxergo o NodeMCU como um Arduino. Mas, tenho que destacar que esse dispositivo tem seus diferenciais, principalmente em. This module is one of the cheapest available wifi-modules in market. V3 or Version3 is the latest version of this module. This tutorial, however, will facilitate you to connect all the versions of ESP8266 NodeMcu, i.e V1, V2 or V3 In this tutorial, I'll show you some of the important and frequently used ESP8266 AT Commands or AT Instruction Set. ESP8266 WiFi Module offers complete networking solutions to our DIY (Do-it-yourself) and IoT (Internet of Things) projects. It provides WiFi connectivity to any microcontroller through its full TCP/IP Stack. The ESP8266 WiFi module and [ Der AZDelivery D1 mini, ist ein Mini-NodeMcu Lua WiFi-Board basierend auf einem ESP-8266-12F. Dieses WLANboard enthält 11 digitale Ein- / Ausgangspins, alle Pins haben interrupt / pwm / I2C / 1-adrig und einen Mikro-USB-Anschluss

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Esp8266mod wifi arduino Getting Started with ESP8266 WiFi Transceiver (Review . The ESP8266 is a Wi-Fi module great for IoT and Home Automation projects. This article is a getting started guide for the ESP8266 development board. About the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is a $4 (up to $10) Wi-Fi module. It allows you to control inputs and outputs as you would do with an Arduino, but it comes with Wi-Fi. NodeMCU LoLin ESP8266 Development Board (CH340 USB Driver) Modules Based on ESP-12E ESP8266 wifi board All I/Os output No need to press reset/flash for pgoramming Ope Based on the ideas and work of others, I created this small software project. It was a challenge to use the Arduino IDE with a ESP8266-01 and a I2C Oled display. While working with a ESP8266 WiFi module it was a drag using the AT commands. The alternative, using LUA was a step forward but it was the lack of time to get enough knowledge of LUA that I could use it in the same way as I use the C.

NodeMCU is a five-dollar open-source IoT platform based on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi system on a chip.Version 3 runs on the ESP-12E (ESP8266MOD) module and it's easy to use development board equipped with analog and digital pins, a USB-to-serial adapter based on the CH340g module, and a micro USB socket Integrated Circuit Original Esp8266mod Wifi Module , Find Complete Details about Integrated Circuit Original Esp8266mod Wifi Module,Wifi Module Esp8266mod,Integrated Circuit Esp8266mod,Original Esp8266mod from Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Walton Electronics Co., Ltd ESP-12S Datasheet; FAQ Support Please contact us by Email/Skype/WeChat for technology support.Our response may be delay, you can just leave your questions, we will reply to you as soon as possible in working time 3.3V/5V/Adjustable-Output, Step-Up DC-DC Converters _____Pin Description NAME FUNCTION 1 SHDN 2 3/5 Selects the main output voltage setting; 5V when low, 3.3V when high ESP8266 D1 Mini Datenblatt - Alle Pins und deren Eigenschaften in der Übersicht. Die perfekte Grundlage für jedes Projekt mit dem ESP8266 D1 Mini 1 / 16 Instruction for doit firmware Introduction The shield is designed based on esp8266 by Espressif Systems, pin-compatible with Arduino UNO/Mega256

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